Branding & Strategy, Art direction, Set Design, Packaging design

After the Play! by SEPHORA program sunsetted in 2020, our team worked on developing a new trio of sampling programs that got nested under the existing Sephora Favorites brand umbrella.

The POP program was designed to introduce the most treny and new covetable proucts to the customers, and we wanted the boxes to also look covetable and exclusive. We went for a concept that allowed each edition to have a very different look and feel depending on the concept, and created a dynamic logo that was designed to be filled with graphics that matched the theme of each box. We also created fun stickers as a bonus item to be included in addition to the sample proudcts and collateral.

Sasimon Boonyavatana, CD
Erin Anderson, Art director
Molly Shapiro, Art director
Sterling Olmstsead, Designer
Brianna Verdugo, Editorial writer

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