SEPHORA Favorites Hello!

Branding & Strategy
Art direction
Overall design
Sasimon Boonyavatana

Erin Anderson, Art director
Sterling Olmstsead, Designer
Brianna Verdugo, Writer
Dwight Eschliman, Photographer
After the Play! by Sephora program sunsetted in 2020, our team worked on developing a new trio of sampling programs that got nested under the existing Sephora Favorites brand umbrella.

The Hello! program was designed to be an entry point for new customers, and the look and feel was designed to be friendly and inviting. We created a packaging design that could be iterated upon but feel consistent from release to release using gradient, window shape, and illustrated badges that changed per releases. We also created acquisition video ads for social media that ran on multiple social channels to promote the new program.

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